Greyhawk Entry Sign Greyhawk Entry Sign Outside Productions
Feb 01 2016

Greyhawk at Golf Club of the Everglades Grand Opening!

This weekend was full of excitement for one of our OPi projects, Greyhawk at Golf Club of the Everglades!  The Grand Opening was Sunday from 1pm to 3pm, but Outside Productions got a sneak peak Friday afternoon.

The entry sign features an Italian, porcelain-wood tile, a shallow water feature with fountain, and beautiful Bougainvillea vines draping over the sidewalls.  Installation of the Bougainvillea was in process during our visit, but the vines now span both sides of the sign. 



Team members Courtney, Katherine, and Lindsay take a closer look at the entry sign. 


The Model Row plant palette features many native plants and palms to mesh with the existing scenery of the development.  European Fan Palms, Paurotis Palms, and large Oak Trees were planted along with Zamia, Muhly, Fakahatchee and Quad Grasses, Viburnum, and Wart Fern. 

Images below (Left to Right, Top to Bottom): Meandering walk and park adjacent to Model Row. Stonewater Model and Model Row roundabout.  Path connecting Model Row and community sidewalks.  Tangerly Oak Model/ Sales Center.