May 09 2016

Happy 'Sweet Sixteen' Outside Productions!

This May marks the 16th birthday for Outside Productions! To celebrate we are looking back on some of our most memorable projects and events in the last 16 years! 

Outside Productions has completed work both throughout Florida and internationally in the Bahamas, Edmonton Canada, China, Jamaica, Russia, and multiple Caribbean islands.  It has been a big year for OPi with our office beginning work on a couple projects in the Sarasota area and one home on Siesta Key.  We have multiple homes under construction in Port Royal and The Remington high-rise in Pelican Bay's Bay Colony is under construction.  It's going to be a busy summer, but we can't wait to see all of these projects under way!

Below are some photos of projects we've completed in the past 16 years. Thanks to everyone who has been along for the journey- our office looks forward to the next 16 years!