Jun 13 2016

Picking the Right Material for your Style and Theme

Materials, both hardscape and softscape, say a lot about your home and lifestyle.  With so many options now available, it is easy to achieve anything from traditional and old world to coastal and contemporary for your pool deck, drive, and all hardscape aspects of your home.  

Choosing materials like porphyry and cobbles, set in a running bond or fishscale pattern, create a very Old World character.  Bricks and concrete pavers set in a diagonal grid tend to be a bit more traditional as well as suited to Mediterranean style architecture.  Recently the trend has shifted to more transitional and coastal design.  Linear patterns and the use of concrete and turf or concrete and gravel are transitional or even contemporary ideas. Shell and tabby concrete are becoming widely used in the Naples area for everything from pool decks to driveways.  Paired with palms and a transitional home, tabby concrete creates a very unique "Florida" feel.  

When designing hardscape on the community level, everything imaginable can be achieved using a combination of colors and paver sizes.  The entry at Winding Cypress uses a combination of light and dark pavers to create a unique "winding" hardscape design.