Mar 03 2017

OPi is busy with landscape architecure on new home construction in Southwest Florida. Many of these residences include pools in their plans.  In the photo above, this design will feature a classical pool, with a spa and fountains surrounded by beautiful and open landscape.  Two large Ficus trees were salvaged and incorporated into the site design providing some much needed shade in Southwest Florida.


Boca Grande Site

Here is a sneak peak of a location in Bocca Grande with a breathtaking view.  Opi has teamed up with Safety Harbor Builders and will design an elevated pool with a graceful infinity edge as well as a spacious auto court with turf and stone paving. 

Jan 17 2017


This past weekend, the OPi team attended the Luxury Home Show hosted by Home & Design Magazine at The Ritz Carlton Golf Resort in Naples.  We had a great time networking and meeting potential clients. We were surrounded by the best of the best in home design.  


Aug 22 2016

Roberto Burle Marx, the most famous Brazilian landscape architect, and a world-recognized designer, has been the topic of many conversations surrounding the olympics in Rio de Janeiro.  Born in San Paulo in the early 1900s, he brought a unique style to the world of landscape architecture and to the country of Brazil. 

Working on many residential projects during his early career, his most famous and most visited project is the beach promenade at Copacabana.  The modernist pattern runs down sidewalk adjacent to the famous beach for nearly two and a half miles!  Burle Marx used the traditional Portuguese paving pattern but added his own style, creating a unique texture that, the most famous section, resembles waves.  In some areas the pattern becomes a series of abstract shapes, but remains black and white. Burle Marx also loved native tropical plants, using them throughout the promenade for pops of color.  

Here in Florida we use Philodendron Burle Marx, named after the famous Landscape Architect, on many of our projects.  The bright green plant grows 1’-2’ in height and spreads two to three times its height, allowing it to be used as a shrub or groundcover.  While it is native to Brazil it is used anywhere from in pots indoors, to mass plantings throughout the Naples area.  The unique heart-shaped leaf and waxy appearance help it stand out in the landscape. 

Burle Marx Philodendron

Nov 02 2015

The profession of landscape architecture has been around for a long time, but the term "Landscape architecture" is relatively new, adopted by the famous Frederick Law Olmsted in 1863.  The American Society of Landscape Architects (ASLA) is always taking strides to help the profession grow.  Their article "10 Reasons to Hire a Landscape Architect" caught the attention of our office.  Below are a two of our favorite reasons from the article as well as a couple we've added!

"#1. Landscape architects will increase the value of your home."  With the addition of water features, gardens, paver driveways and patios the value of your home can increase up to 15%.  Items like fire pits, arbors, and outdoor kitchens are popular features that can be used by your family now and increase the resell value for attracting future buyers!

"#10. Landscape architects will design a landscape you will love."  With each project unique to the client, landscape architects have the pleasure of creating spaces designed for your specific needs.  Whether it includes a collection of statues, a special tile for the pool, or even a garden with your favorite colors and scents, landscape architects create spaces just for you!

OPi Reason #1: Landscape architects excel at working as a team.  When your house is being built or renovated, sometimes it takes a village.  Hiring a landscape architect who has experience collaborating with architects, builders, and various contractors ensures that the team has well-rounded knowledge.  It also means a better harmony between the inside and outside of the home.  When decisions are made as a team they help improve the whole project. 

OPi Reason #2: Right Plant, Right Place!  Landscape architects are plant experts and can help integrate the plants you love into your space.  With a vast knowledge of plant material they can design a landscape that meets your color preferences, attract butterflies or other animals, and even gardens that create beautiful scents year-round.  In addition, they have knowledge of hardscape materials, pool tiles, and pool finishes and can help you select what materials will work best for your needs! 

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