Dec 07 2015

Jumby Bay, located at 9th Ave S and 9th Street in Naples, is progressing quickly!  The site features nine unique homes with one-of-a-kind pools, fun water features, and tropical planting.

Lot 7 was installed within the past month and features a unique side yard with stepping stones, Fishtail palms, and Rojo Congo Philodendron.  Behind the stepping stones is an infinity edge spa, pool shelf, and pool with a fire-water feature! 

Lot 6 fits in perfectly with the tropical theme with its yellow trim,  Coconut Palms, Variegated Shell Ginger, Blue Tango Bromeliads, Philodendron 'Burle Marx', Thrinax Palms, and Oleander Trees.  

This beautiful combination of the Imperialis' Bromeliad and Asian Jasmine is in front of Lot 5.  Variations can be found in the Imperialis' Bromeliad and this is one of the lighter varieties. Low groundcovers frame the walks and create shape and texture even in the small space.