Apr 19 2016

This week is National Park Week as well as the start of the celebration for the National Park Service's Centennial!  To celebrate the big birthday, entry to all national parks is free this week! 

The National Park Service began in 1916 as a step to preserve the ecology and history of scenic places but also to make access to these places more feasible for the public.  Here in South Florida we actually have 3 (of the 59 in total) National Parks!

The Everglades National Park is the largest subtropical park in the US and is home to the Florida Panther and Manatee.

Further South in the Florida Keys, Dry Tortugas is a Civil War-Era fort and series of coral reefs and shipwrecks!  

Biscayne Bay, again in the Florida Keys, is a comination of mangroves and coral reefs, famous for its large quanity of sea turtles.  

While not a national park, Big Cypress is a National Preserve located located between Naples and Miami.  

To Find a National Park near you or to find one for your favorite outdoor activities check out the NPS Website: https://www.nps.gov/findapark/index.htm and go outside to celebrate this great week! 

Apr 11 2016

Redesigned by Outside Productions starting in 2012, Andrea Douglas-Cook oversaw the completion of this renovation in Vizcaya in Bay Colony.  During a recent visit, Andrea was able to take some photos of the final design and catch up with the owner about his favorite aspects of the design. 

With mangroves and a lagoon beyond, the owner wanted a luxurious, spa-like, and tranquil space.  New materials and finishes were selected and the existing pool was renovated to incorporate an infinity edge.  The infinity edge terminates into two pedestals with planter bowls.  The spa was also renovated to incorporate a spillover and refinished with reflective, light blue, glass tile  

A trellis was added on the side of the home and extends to the rear where an outdoor dining room overlooks the pool.  A unique mix of wood and concrete columns, the trellis provides both shade and privacy for those using the outdoor kitchen.  Bamboo and Philodendron beautifull screen the neighbor's home while providing additional privacy.  A walkway of stepping stones and white mexican beach pebble perfectly contrasts the lush, tropical landscape and modernize the landscape. 

Seen from an upstairs balcony, the fire pit is another focal point in this design. The stepping stone and faux turf deck is a beautiful, low-maintenance option for the space that will be used year-round.  Overall the transitional design perfectly compliments the natural backdrop and will be the perfect gathering space for the homeowner no matter the season. 

Mar 28 2016

Old Naples Residential Feature

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Outside Productions in excited to announce the completion of a residential project in Old Naples.  The home, designed by Weber Design Group, was featured in the Real Estate section of the Naples Daily News.  

Located on 5th Avenue, one block from the water, the West Indies-inspired home is the perfect mixture of casual Florida living and Fifth Avenue luxury. 

Laminar jets integrated into the pool deck and a full-tile, spillover spa bring water movement to the rear, while a dense, green backdrop creates a truly tropical feel.  Stepping pods and a travertine deck contrast the bright blue pool tile, while a faux-turf deck (installed after photography) is the perfect space for sunbathing.  

In the front, a turf block and reclaimed brick driveway beautifully accent the white facade. The plant palette includes specimen Canary Island Dates flanking both sides of the drive, stunning Purple Tibouchina and a combination of Podocarpus, Asian Jasmine, and Bromeliads. 

To read the full article visit: http://www.naplesnews.com/business/real-estate/downtown-residence-by-weber-design-group-complete-2c71f8a7-a6ef-1e0e-e053-0100007ff67a-369860881.html