Mar 21 2016

Florida Trend- Focal Walls

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Focal walls are a fun and open-ended aspect of landscape architecture, but can sometimes be one of the more challenging parts.  Focal walls can be walls that enclose a courtyard, exterior walls of a residence, or even the exterior wall of a garage or storage structure adjacent to open space.  In Naples, vines and espaliered trees are popular and can be traditional or transitional based on the plant selection, wire material, and even direction of the wires.  

This residence in Naples chose square trellising for their focal walls, to give the home a transitional feel. 


Another great option for focal walls would be the addition of art, scuppers or other water features, or a series of tall pots with or without plant material. 



A new trend in landscape architecture is the use of decorative wall panels.  Made of iron or another outdoor-safe material, with anything from geometric patters to custom-designed works of art, they look beautiful when uplit and serve as a great backdrop where plant material has trouble growing. If you are looking for a greener approach, greenwall technology has greatly advanced and now come in modules that can be installed to any wall type and are even self-irrigating.  They range from simple units installed by the homeowner to large, multi-story walls inside hotels and corporate buildings.


Just as an accent wall indoors can draw your attention to a particular part of the room, focal walls outdoors can help distract from unsightly exterior walls and allow new colors and materials to be introduced into the landscape. 

Mar 14 2016

Getting to Know Team OPi- Pat

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It's been an exciting year for owner, Pat Trefz. He adopted office mascot, Dakota, last August, got engaged over Christmas Break, and will be celebrating 16 years of business for Outside Productions this May! He's the fearless leader of the office, snack supplier, and overly tolerant of girl-talk, boss.  He always has a good story to tell about his sailing trips and days at the University of Florida, so we were excited to ask Pat some questions about his travels and interests outside of the office! 

Pat, we know you've owned Outside Productions for nearly 16 years, with experience at other landscape architecture firms prior.  Before working in landscape architecture what was the most unusual job you had?
In high school I had a job clearing exotic plants out of lakes, by hand, up in Tampa.  It wasn't much fun wading around in lakes all day and clearing spots where alligators like to hang out.  That job didn't last long. 

What song describes your work day?
'Time Keeps on Slipping' by Steve Miller Band

You went on a pretty special vacation this winter.  Where did you go and what was the occasion?  Do you have any favorite vacations prior?
Over winter break I went to Cancun and got engaged to a wonderful and beautiful lady.  Prior to that, it is a tie between several sailing trips to the BVI!

If you had to eat the same meal, every day for the rest of your life what would it be?
Pizza of course. 

What's on your bucket list?
Transatlantic sailing trip from the US to Europe. 
Whoa! How long would that take?
Longer than I'll probably take off from work! It probably would take a couple weeks. 

We know you like to rock out in the office while you work. What is the first concert you attended?
In highschool I saw Scorpions where the new and unknown band Bon Jovi opened! 

Pat and kids soaking up sun and getting ready to use their snorkling gear. 

Two of Pat's children, and "younger" office mascot, Dakota

Pat and finacee enjoying dinner in Cancun, Mexico over Christmas break. 

Pat sailing his way to the BVI

Pat and his broken wrist taking it easy in Tortola, BVI

Feb 29 2016

Katherine, landscape architect and project manager, just celebrated her 3rd anniversary here at team Outside Productions!  She has lived in Naples for 18 years and worked in the landscape architecture industry for 16 of those! She is our in-house Naples code expert, native plant guru, and teacher of all things Louisiana.  She has project managed some of our biggest community projects like Winding Cypress and Greyhawk at Golf Club of the Everglades, designed Jumby Bay which is located in Old Naples, and has worked with dozens of residential clients on everything from small courtyards to large Port Royal homes.  We had a blast catching up with her and hearing about her interests outside of the office. 

Katherine, before working at Outside Productions, what was the most unusual or interesting job you had? 
I sold t-shirts for concerts and Broadway plays at two theaters in New Orleans.  I got to see a lot of concerts and plays for free including 'Cats!' 14 times! 

So you're a bit of a concert junkie then?  What was the first show you saw?
The B-52s in 1989 (Rock Lobster!)

You're known in the office for always bumping in to celebrities when you travel.  Who is the most famous person you've met?
I met Michael Jordan at Harrah's casino in New Orleans.  I also played a game of pool with the bass player from REM. 

What song would you describes your day at work?
"It's 5 o'clock Somewhere"

Your family always goes on great vacations for Spring Break.  What is the best vacation you've been on? 
My husband and I went to Scotland for our honeymoon without hotel reservations, just the tickets for the flight and a reservation for a rental car!  We went off-season and felt like we had the country to ourselves.  We even golfed at St. Andrews and saw the Loch Ness monster! 

Finally, if you had to eat the same thing every day for the rest of your life, what would it be?
A fried shrimp po-boy, fully dressed.  Or maybe muffalettas... 

Katherine and daughter, Kate, goofing around and trying out the newest mustache trend. 

Katherine and husband, Jason

Katherine and Jason at alma matter, Louisiana State University, cheering on the Tigers against UGA!