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Allison Lorenzo-Sanchez

Design Technician
Allison Lorenzo

About Allison

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Originally from Staten Island, NY. Moved to Cape Coral, my freshman year of high school. Got my bachelors degree in Interior Design at Southern Technical.

Graduated Where?

Southern Technical, Fort Myers, FL


Bachelors in Interior Design

Favorite Interests & Hobbies:

Playing the Sims, gardening, and watching cat videos

Professional Interests:

Volunteer Work (ASID)

Favorite Quote:

“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams” – Eleanor Roosevelt

If I didn’t work at Outside Productions, I would be:

A private investigator

Favorite Actor/Superhero/Person:

My mother

Favorite Movie:

Spirited Away

Favorite Place To Be (other than work):

Anywhere with my cat and husband

Favorite Outdoor Space:


Allison lorenzo
Allison Lorenzo
Allison's Cat