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Ashley Espinal

CAD - Graphics Technician
Ashley Espinal

About Ashley

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As a child, growing up in the culturally vibrant city of New York exposed my impressionable mind to the flavourful compositions of the city’s landscaping and infrastructure. Each stroll through the streets was a journey through history for me. Now graduated from Florida SouthWestern State College with an Associate in Science in Architectural Design and Construction Technology, I am committed to pushing the envelope of creativity by diving further into the art of designing for sustainability and discovering creative solutions through innovation with my hard-work ethic and passion for architecture.

Graduated Where?

FSW, Fort Myers, FL


Associates in Architectural Design and Construction Technology

Favorite Interests & Hobbies:

Drawing with all mediums, landscape photography, and spending time with family

Professional Interests:

Learning the facets of architecture in the pursuit of my master’s degree and licensure

Favorite Quote:

“Beauty perishes in life, but is immortal in art” – Leonardo Da Vinci

If I didn’t work at Outside Productions, I would be:

A studio artist, creating large charcoal drawings and photographing landscapes

Favorite Actor/Superhero/Person:

Robin Williams, Anthony Bourdain

Favorite Movie:

Dead Poets Society, The Silence of the Lambs

Favorite Place To Be (other than work):

Anywhere with family, whether out in nature or walking the streets of a city

Favorite Outdoor Space:

Kayaking through the mangroves to hiking up mountains

Ashely Espinal's Favorite Place
Ashely Espinal and family