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We approach every opportunity with equal parts passion and professionalism
OPi is recognized internationally for its superb design and ability to deliver luxurious designs regardless of the location, climate or geography of the land. Whether it’s the wide-open snowy landscapes found in Russia, the high altitudes of the Canadian Rockies, the lush, mountainous terrain of Thousand Island Lakes in China, the lush, steep hillsides of Virgin Gorda or the hot, arid regions of western Mexico, OPi’s work can be found. We have and continue to work for some of the most respected clientele in the world because our passion for superior design translates into any culture.

What sets us apart from other firms is our commitment to our clients throughout the design process. Creating beautiful schematic plans is important, but if they do not match the needs and preferences of our clients, then they are merely pretty pictures. We listen to our clients and take their comments and individual preferences as the basis for our design. We want to create the dream garden and pool for you and your lifestyle.