Florida Trend- Tabby Concrete

Florida Trend- Tabby Concrete

Tabby Concrete | Outside Productions International

Tabby Concrete, a mixture of shells, water, lime, and concrete mix, is becoming widely popular throughout Southwest Florida. With a more transitional appearance and affordable price, it is being used on projects of all types and sizes. The use of Tabby Concrete dates back to the 16th century and likely developed from Spanish architecture. This material can be seen throughout Georgia and South Carolina although it is primarily oyster shells, whereas Florida is typically mixed shell.

Tabby Concrete is a great option for both driveways and pool decks! The light color concrete stays relatively cool on hot days, while the shells provide visual interest. Unlike traditional tabby, the shells are mixed in throughout the concrete and then sanded to create an even surface. Photographed above, Tabby Concrete combined with precast borders gives off a fun Florida vibe.

Tabby Concrete in Progress | Outside Productions International

Tabby Drive

Tabby Concrete Close Up | Outside Productions International

Tabby Close Up

Tabby Concrete Driveway | Outside Productions International

Tabby Drive & Walks