Landscape Architecture Fun Facts

Landscape Architecture Fun Facts

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1. The term “landscape architecture” came from a book about Italian Painters

The term was not used until 1828 when it came from a book called Landscape Architecture of the Great Painters of Italy, which was published by Gilbert Laing Meason. The term was originally a painting term and the word landscape is actually Dutch, it came from the word “landschap”. Landscape paintings highlighted the beauty of nature.


2. Australia is the landscape architecture capital of the world

There are about 30,000 employed architects in Australia and they are highly appreciated. They’ve transformed their beautiful cities with all their amazing works. Australia has so many landscape architects that they have the most national parks with a total of about 650 parks.


3. United States and the UK are the best places to study landscape architecture

With so many LAs surprisingly Australia is not the best place to study landscape architecture. The U.S. and UK are well known for their wide variety of landscape architecture programs and training.


4. The most viewed landscape image is a desktop one

Nope, the most viewed landscape image is not the Grand Canyon or the pyramids in Egypt. It’s an image that was taken in a field in Northern California by Charles O’Rear. The photograph is known for being the desktop background for Windows computers. This image has gained over 1 billion views.


5. Landscape Architects can create many things

Landscape architects can design kid pool areas, playgrounds, beautiful rain gardens, natural swimming pools and much more. They can incorporate

6. Florida Landscape Design is More Fun with OPI

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