Picking the Right Spa for Your Home

Picking the Right Spa for Your Home

Pool with Spa | Outside Productions International

Even with warm temperatures year-round, spas have become popular throughout Southwest Florida. At Outside Productions Inc. we have seen spas become a standard design element on most residential and even community designs. As popularity soars, more options are becoming available to best suit users. Options include: spa height, materials, spillovers, and even shape! Spa height is a vital criterion for selecting which best suits user needs. In addition, considering noise level is vital to selecting whether a spa should spillover or an infinity edge.

Below are a few options to serve a variety of client needs.

Raised, Infinity Edge Spa:

Raised spas are typically 12″-18″ above the pool deck and are a good option for those who are concerned about safety entering and exiting the spa. The raised edge allows the user to sit before stepping into the spa. Typically glass tile, the 360-degree spillover creates a beautiful texture and sparkle in the landscape. Infinity edge spas are a great option for homeowners seeking a clean, transitional landscape. Seen in the image above, tiles can be as small as 1″x1″ and are a great way to bring some extra color to the pool area.

Raised, Spillover Spa:

Providing the same easy entry as the raised infinity edge spa, spillover spas have coping on three or less sides, with one side having a marble or tile spillover. Spillover spas are the beset option for homeowners looking to bring the sound of water to their landscape. With the water falling directly into the pool or a water feature, the sound is loud enough to soften traffic or exterior noise, but soft enough to allow users to converse comfortably and to give a resort-like feel. In the image above, the spillover spa is located in a water feature and therefore contains 3 separate spillovers. Pool tiles are necessary for areas with spillover, however this spa type provide flexibility for materials where water movement does not occur.

Submerged Spa:

A beautiful option for contemporary or modern design, submerged spas are located at water level. They provide unique opportunities for lighting and, when tiled, add color and texture to the pool area. Submerged spas provide a clean, continuous look and allow better interaction between pool and spa users. To enter the spa users must first step into the pool and then step into the spa similar to entering the shallow end of a pool.

Other Options:

The image above shows a raised spa built into a rock-waterfall feature. With a spillover for noise effect and a more natural feel, this is a fun option for an outdoor oasis. Other options include raised spas with continuous coping, spas surrounded by runnels and functioning as a water feature, and spas with deck jets. Deck jets are a successful way to create noise and provide additional visual interest, but can be turned on and off as desired.