Plant Spotlight- Bromeliads

Plant Spotlight- Bromeliads

Bromeliad | Outside Productions International

Bromeliads are wonderful plants to have in any household. To properly care for your bromeliad, water through its overlapping leaves, called rosettes. If planting them in your landscape, keep in mind that Bromeliads require some protection from the sun so place them in partial shade.

There are two recommendations for fertilizing your bromeliad: a small portion of a slow time release fertilizer, sprinkled around the base of the bromeliad, or a liquid fertilizer, diluted ½ to ¼ of the recommended amounts. Once your bromeliad has finished blooming make sure to remove the flower with scissors. This will assist the plant in creating energy for further growth!

With lots of options for color, texture, and size it’s easy to find a bromeliad for anyone’s taste! Here are a few of Outside Productions, Inc. favorites!

– Imperialis’ Bromeliad, a deep red and green, large bromeliad

Imperials Bromeliad | Outside Productions International


– Orange Aechmea Bromeliad, a bright orange, full size Bromeliad variety

Orange Aechmea Bromeliad | Outside Productions International


– McWilliamsii Bromeliad, a bright green, full-size Bromeliad with a red center


– Fireball Bromeliads are bright red and come in a fun, 1 gallon size

Fireball Bromeliads | Outside Productions International