Wire Trellis System

Wire Trellis System

Wire Trellis System | Outside Productions International

Wire trellising is a popular trend and great way to bring greenery to spaces of all sizes. They are produced as freestanding units or even stainless steel wires that can be adhered to walls. Their benefits extend well beyond aesthetics, but they are a creative option for parking garages, courtyard walls, or even fences. In addition trellis systems, if wired with dense vines, can help buffer wind and sound, decrease energy consumption by regulating air temperatures, and even protect exterior walls from UV and weather damage.

Wire trellising can be laid out in a diamond or square pattern. The diamond pattern, seen immediately below, is a more classic and traditional layout. This application also has vines growing on the surrounding frame.

The grid pattern, below, is often more contemporary and usually features a surrounding frame.

The best vines for wire trellises include: Confederate Jasmine, Allamanda, ‘Barbara Karst’ Boungainvillea, and Bleeding Heart Vine. Another beautiful option is Purple Passion Vine, but it requires more maintenance and spraying for pests.